What’s inside

Related Posts Wall

An unique related posts wall to give your visitors a more usable and fun reading experience. Trying to keep your visitors as long as possible on your site.
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Post Navigation

Easily browse from one post the next or previous with our catching and well placed post navigation.
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Facebook, Disqus And WordPress Comments

Facebook, Disqus and WordPress comments are integrated flawlessly and shown within tabs, so the visitor decides what they want to use.
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Tweet To Share

An unique social media integration is our tweet to share option. Select a line of text and a small tweet button appears and send it directly to Twitter.
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Social Buttons And Widgets

Your able to add as many as you want. There’s no limit when it comes to social sharing.Facebook widgets, twitter widgets, Share counters, share buttons, share icons, and many more.

Rich Snippets Support For Reviews

“Structured data markup” is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it. When your site includes structured data markup, Search engines can use that data to index your content better.
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Schema Compliant

Google and other major search engines support the schema.org vocabulary for structured data. This vocabulary defines a standard set of type names and property names.
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Sitelinks Search Box

With Google Sitelinks search box, people can reach your content more quickly from search results.
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Specifying Your Theme Logo

You can specify which image Google should use as your organization’s logo in search results and the Knowledge Graph.
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Powerful Review System

PinPress comes with an powerful and flexible review system. That flexible that your able to use for any type of review site.
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Pin Board System

One of a kind function is our Pin Board system. It let’s you pin posts to your board for when you want to read them later on.

Smart Sense

Half way down a post and no time to read anymore? With pinpress your able to pin right where you left off and continue reading when your back

Live Search

Give your visitors the ability to use the live search functionality that has everything they want.

Mega Menu

Show your categories, menus, widgets and links with smart ajax powered mega menus, we have thought about everything.

Custom Category Colouring

Add custom background color, border colours, text color and background images to your categories.
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Post Builder

Build any type of post structure you need with our post builder, same as the page builder but than for posts 😉

Popup Modals

Use popup modals all over the place for opt-in purposes, messages and god knows what else. That’s all up to you.

Endless sidebars

Create as many sidebars and use them anywhere you want and within any structure you need. Anything is possible

Live Editing

Change your styling, typography and more right in front of you without switching to backend.

Live Option Panel

Change your page, post and layout widths within the browser without switching back and forth to the backend.

Flexible footer columns

Flexible footer columns to maximize your user experience and widget logic. Select your footer structure and fill it with widgets.

Flexible Advertisements

Your able to sue any sort of ad block in any type of size anywhere you want. That’s something amazing huh?
And much more awesomeness